Lock Install and Repair

Lock install and repair

We offer a variety of services for standard and high security commercial locks as well as exit devices and specialty hardware.

Bulger Safe and Lock offers a wide range of commercial lock repair services. These repairs include:
  • Door Closers
  • Exit Devices and Exit Bars
  • Commercial storefront door hardware
  • Commercial grade 1 lever locks (as well as grade 2 comm for lesser-used doors)
  • Grade 1 commercial low-profile, anti-pry, vandal-resistant lever locks
  • Fire egress heavy duty lock hardware
  • Keyless Entry Locks
  • Whether your lock is completely stuck, not functioning correctly, or has completely broke Bulger's is the locksmith for you. Have one of our knowledgeable service technicians take a look at the lock in need of repair; we will help diagnose the issue with your lock. We will then lay out the different lock repair options for you. Many so-called locksmiths take a "you're going to need to replace that" approach. We have been the premier Seattle locksmith for nearly 60 years and specialize in commercial locks and door security. Send us an email at shop-at-bulgerlock.com to get started today. You can also give us a call at 206-363-8797 to discuss your commercial lock needs; this includes new installs, upgrades, repairs, etc..

Commercial Grade Keyless Entry and Access Control

Seattle Commercial Keyless Entry experts Bulger Safe and Lock. Access Control Systems for Seattle based businesses, condo complexes, apartments, schools, and churches. Keyless Entry is becoming more popular. We install hardwired and battery-operated keyless entry on commercial properties in Seattle, Shoreline, Fremont, Ballard, and outlying cities.
Bulger Commercial keyless entry with fob reader
Many Seattle businesses, churches, schools, and condo complexes are making the switch to keyless entry. As times change, people continue to look at more advanced security options.
  • Easily remove access when an employee leaves or someone misplaces a key.
  • Easily remove access when keys fall into the wrong hands.
  • Easily prevent employees from sneaking in after hours.
  • Bulgerlock prides itself in providing a wide selection of keyless entry and access control options to fit your exact needs. Including:
Card Access System (Proximity Locks)
  • Have a card access system installed on your apartment or condominium building entry and eliminate the "key hassle".
  • You will be able to find who used the entry and at what time.
  • Individual users can be added or deleted without affecting the other users.
  • You can set certain times that cards/fobs will operate:
    • Employees only have access to certain doors during certain hours
    • Helps prevent unwanted after-hour access to certain areas
    • Helps prevent employee theft
  • Can set up a master system with the cards/fobs
    • Managers and owners have access all the time, while employees only have access during certain hours
    • Managers and owners have access to a certain office, while employees do not
  • There are so many benefits to installing a card access system on your building. Give us a call today to help make your business more secure, all while making things less stressful for yourself, your tenants, and your employees.
Commercial Electronic Keypad Locks
  • Allows you to set a different code for each employee.
  • You can easily add or remove a code if an employee leaves or the code falls into the wrong hands.
  • Find out who entered/exited and at what time.
  • Many models require no hard-wiring. This means:
    • Less expensive for you.
    • Your door will still work, even during power outages.
    • Batteries can be easily replaced.
  • Most models have key override in case of emergency
Commercial Electronic Keypad Lever Combo
  • Available with or without proximity capabilities
  • You can easily add or remove a code if an employee leaves or the code falls into the wrong hands.
  • Capability to find out who entered/exited and at what time.
  • Many models require no hard-wiring. This means:
    • It is less expensive for you.
    • Your door will still work, even during power outages.
    • Batteries can be easily replaced.
  • Most models have key override in case of emergency.
  • Proximity readers allow users to user an access card, access fob OR they can use a code.
To read more about Standalone Electronic Keyless Entry, view our three information sheets:
Commercial Keypad Locks (Manual)
  • If you have a smaller business, this may be an option for you.
  • You can easily change your code if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Since there are no electronics involved, you don't have to worry about changing the batteries or hard-wiring the unit in.
  • Several models to choose from to fit your needs.
    • Deadbolt Version - Allows you to leave unlocked at certain times.
    • Storeroom Version - Locks behind you every time.
    • Knob and Deadbolt Combo - Both are combined in one unit.
  • Perfect solution for your small or home business.
Intercom Systems
Come in or call to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about switching your apartment complex, condo complex, or business to a keyless entry system. It is our goal to put together the perfect keyless entry system for your particular situation.

Commercial Grade Intercom System Install and Repair

Installation of Seattle Commercial Intercoms including DKS, Door King, Keri, Linear, and more. Condo complexes and apartment complexes. Digital displays, cellular, and hardwired intercom systems installed in Seattle area.
Bulger Safe and lock has been installing and repairing intercom systems in the Seattle area for decades. If you have an intercom that is not working correctly, send pictures and details to keyless@bulgerlock.com to receive a quote for repairing or replacing.

We offer and work on a multitude of intercom systems. If you are looking to upgrade or a fresh installation of a new intercom let Bulger help you along the way. We offer cellular and hardwired intercom systems for complexes of all sizes.

For more details, download our flyer explaining the different models here.

Commercial Services | Door Controls and Repair

Commercial Door Repair

Commercial door repair for doors that swing. There are many things that cause a door to stop working. Foul play is not always involved. Your business does not have time to wait on parts to arrive. Bulger's stocks a majority of its commercial door repair products on the shelf at their shop in Seattle. This means no down-time, so you and your business can keep moving forward. Your one stop shop for commercial door repair and replacement for any and all doors that swing:
  • Hydraulic door closers
  • Electronic door operators
  • Hinges
  • Strikes
  • Exit hardware:
    • Panic bars
    • Exit bars
    • Electrified panic bars
    • Standard panic bars
    • Heavy-duty panic bar repair and replacements
  • Break-in repair
  • New Hollow metal doors
  • New aluminum store front doors
  • Repairs for:
    • Doors that rub
    • Doors that squeak
    • Doors that grind
    • Hardware upgrades
    • ADA compliance
    • Fire doors
  • Concealed door closer
  • International pivots
Bulger Safe and Lock carries all the name-brands and even a few house brands. This allows us to bring you the same quality products at a lower cost to the business owner (you). Give us a call today to get your commercial door repaired the right way and the first time! To read more about door commercial and residential door repair, check out out security blog.


Seattle Commercial Grade Security Video Systems, Surveillance Camera Systems, IP Cameras and CCTV

Bulger Safe and Lock is the premier installer of video systems throughout Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area. We specialize in video and access control systems for condominiums, apartments, business complexes, golf courses, and other businesses. Bulger is a Seattle Cisco partner; this just means the services you already know and receive from Bulger just got even better. Using our Cisco Meraki routers we are able to seamlessly integrate your new camera system into your network. Click here for more information on our Seattle area networking services. Do not settle for the impersonal big corporate security camera systems. Have locally-owned and operated Bulger Safe and Lock come out and install your ip camera system today! More info:
  • Video systems for businesses across the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area.
    • No more missed footage because the tape ran out.
    • No more losing footage because the tape started over.
    • Large capacity DVR units available to hold hours of video recordings.
    • No more wasted space. Smart systems that only record when it sees something.
    • Can wire to operate in sync with a current or new alarm system.
    • Indoor and Outdoor cameras are available in several different shapes and sizes.
    • Give us a call or come in today to equip your business with the security camera system you need.