Seattle Commercial Door Repair

Seattle commercial door repair is provided for condominiums, apartments, business complexes, and other applications. Closers, hinges, commercial grade hardware, repair, and replacement. Call Bulger's today

Bulger Safe and Lock has been repairing doors for both commercial and residential clients in the Seattle area for over 50 years. Bulger is a one-stop-shop: We not only offer the door repair services, we also stock all of the repair hardware.

Repair hardware includes but is not limited to door reinforcement plates and kits, new commercial grade locks, commercial grade keyless entry, residential locks and keyless entry, high security lock options, surface mounted door closers, recessed door closers, pivots, hinges, electric strikes, keypads and card readers, battery backups, power supplies, latches, strikes, stainless steel astragals and latch protectors, exit devices, exit bars, exit alarms, and everything else you may need to have your door repairedĀ the right way! We work with doors and door frames in all shapes and sizes. Steel doors, Wood doors, aluminum storefront doors, exterior doors, interior doors, gates, condominium entry doors, apartments, standalone businesses, commercial business parks, and more. We offer commercial door repair and replacement services for:
  • Commercial Closer Repair
  • Surface-mounted Closers
  • Concealed Closers
  • International Pivots
  • Hinges
  • Door Hardware:
    • Commercial Grade Knobs
    • Commercial Grade Levers
    • Commercial Grade Keyless Entry
    • Electric Strikes
    • Exit Devices
    • Exit Bars
    • Access Control
    • Exit Alarms
    • Intercoms
  • Door Reinforcement Plates
  • Latch Guards and Latch Protectors
  • High-Security Lock Upgrades
  • Knob and Lever Guards
  • Modernization Kits
  • Scar and Damage Cover Up Kits
  • Residential door services
  • And more...
If you do not see the door repair service on our list, send us an email at More than likely we have done it before and can help you out. There are many companies out there who specialize solely in large roll-up and sliding garage doors; that is not us. Pretty much any other doors on the market though and you can bet that we have worked on it and fixed it. If you have a door or doors in need of repair in the Seattle area: Give us a call at 206-363-8797 to set up a service call to fix your doors. Get your door repaired the first timeĀ and repairedĀ the right way! Keywords: Seattle door repair, Seattle door fix, fix door, Seattle door fixing, door repairs, commercial, residential, locksmith, security, break-in damage