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Lock Bumping

Similar to Lock Picking. Click Here to learn more about lock-picking.

What is Lock Bumping?

Lock Bumping is a technique used by thieves, new and experienced, to break into homes and businesses without leaving a trace of forced entry or manipulation. Using a specially designed key and a hammer, thieves are able to open up your home or business in a matter of minutes. Come see the virtually bump-proof Medeco or SSS deadbolt and leave your home, possessions, and family knowing that they are all safe and sound.

Facts about Lock Bumping*

  • Lock bumping can open over 90% of homes which use a basic knob or deadbolt cylindrical lock.
    • The ones you find at Home Depot and other stores are ALL vulnerable to lock bumping and picking.
  • Someone can make a bump key in 5 minutes if they know what they are doing.
  • When your lock is bumped, there are no signs of forced entry or damage to the lock.
    • Tougher to prove to insurance company that there was a break-in.
  • Because of all the resources available these days and all the attention about this security threat, safety experts say it's time to protect yourself against lock bumping and bump keys.
  Lock bumping keys are a new threat to home security and our conventional door locks. These bump keys are easy to make and can be created very quickly. With a lock bumping key it will take only 1 minute or less for intruder to turn the lock and open the doors to your house or business.

Are there any solutions to Lock Bumping

Yes there are! Ask us about our Medeco or SSS options. Although they cost more than your hardware store, $29.99 pot-metal lock, a strong lock is your first line of defense. The best way to keep a thief out, is to frustrate them before they even get started.

Think about this:

Consider what you are protecting. If you add up the value of all your possessions, not to mention the sentimental value of these possessions, the safety and well-being of you and your family, and the peace of mind that everything is protected... Having high quality locks is actually a very inexpensive insurance policy for you and your family. Get Protected today!
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