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[xPost from] Interchangeable cores provide a simple and effective way to "change your locks" in a matter of seconds. An interchangeable core (or I/C) system can easily and painlessly be installed in place of your existing locks.

What is an interchangeable core lock

Locks with I/C cores have an easily removable core. Using a special "control key" the end-user is able to easily swap in a new core if keys are lost or a tenant moves out. This eliminates the need to remove the entire lock every time you are in need of rekeying your door locks. Instead, you are able to pull the existing core out of the door and swap in a new pre-pinned core. You can then take the removed core to your local locksmith to pin up at your earliest convenience. This system eliminates having to leave the door unattended, since you will be locking it up with the new core almost instantly.

What key protection is available

Restricted keyways offer the highest form of key protection for interchangeable core systems. The most highly regarded being Medeco: They carry two different versions that are both protected keyways. You can read more about restricted keyways here The most popular brand of interchangeable cores comes with a loose key protection. These keys are stamped in a way that deters duplication, but there is no key protection from other locksmiths. Many companies have I/C cores and they come in both "large-format" and "small-format." Many of the different companies cores are interchangeable between brands if you choose to upgrade in the future.

What situations are best for interchangeable cores

An interchangeable core system is perfect for businesses with high employee turnover, apartment complexes, franchises, office buildings, and condo complexes. If you find yourself needing to rekey your building often, an interchangeable core system may be the perfect solution to let you do the rekeying on your own time!

How do I get an interchangeable system for my building?

Anyone in the Seattle area is encouraged to contact us at Bulger Safe and Lock. We carry the most extensive selection of different I/C cores, I/C keyways, and I/C hardware in the entire Northwest. These brands include Medeco Large Format IC, Schlage IC, Medeco Keymark, Best IC, Arrow IC, Sargent IC, Corbin Large Format IC, and several more.  Give us a call at 206.363.0172 if you are interested in switching your Puget Sound/Seattle area building over to an interchangeable core system. If have have multiple properties or buildings, Bulger's can help set up and keep track of a master key system. When you need to change a lock, use the I/C control key to swap in a new already keyed core; bring the old core to Bulger and we will rekey it to the next change and to your master key; simple as that! If you are not in the Seattle area, most reputable locksmiths will carry many brands of I/C locks. This includes the cores and the hardware they must be installed in. I/C cores can be used in mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, deadbolts, knobs, levers, padlocks and more!