Lock Install and Repair

We offer a variety of services for standard and high security commercial locks as well as exit devices and specialty hardware.

Bulger Safe and Lock offers a wide range of commercial lock repair services. These repairs include: - Storefront doors - Door Closers - Exit Devices and Exit Bars - Keyless Entry Locks - Mortise Cassettes - Levers/Knobs - Bound Locks - And many more... Whether your lock is completely stuck, not functioning correctly, or has completely broke Bulger's is the locksmith for you. Have one of our knowledgeable service technicians take a look at the lock in need of repair; we will help diagnose the issue with your lock. We will then lay out the different lock repair options for you. Many so-called locksmiths take a "you're going to need to replace that" approach. We are not a company who just slapped locksmith on the side of a van two weeks ago. We have been the premier Seattle locksmith for over 53 years and specialize in commercial locks and security. Send us an email at shop@bulgerlock.com to get started today. You can also give us a call at 206-363.8797 to discuss your commercial locks that you need repaired.