Looking to strengthen security at your place of business? Or are you looking to beef up security at home? … Well you’ve come to the right place.

Bulger Safe and Lock has been helping businesses stay secure and protected for nearly 50 years. Commercial Security is our number one priority at Bulger’s. If anyone is going to have what your business is looking for, we’re going to have it. Some of our most popular commercial products are:

Having a solid security setup is your first line of defense against criminals. Don’t take your family’s well-being and safety lightly. It is essential to get the right security at your home to keep your family, your valuables, and yourself safe!

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Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Need car keys made? This is the place! Getting a key made for your car may seem like a simple thing, but if you have a newer car (lets say 2000 or later), chances are it has some sort of anti-theft mechanism built into the key that will need to be programmed. That means that you can’t simply walk into a hardware store and have a metal key made. You need to have a key with the RFID chip in it so the cars computer will let it start. Long story short, I called the dealership to have this done…
Computer Chip Car Key Expert - Blows the dealership out of the water!Seattle, WA